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 This is by far the best dining experience that any of us has ever had. 
Paul Hughes
Chef's Table
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Chef's Table

"Experience the chef's table in your own home"

Chef's Table will provide you and your friends or clients with an unforgettable dining experience. An exclusive menu will be created by your Personal Chef in accordance with your requirements. The finest quality ingredients will be sourced from around the world to create your bespoke culinary journey.

The evening will allow you to view the chef creating integral parts of the menu and see some kitchen secrets. Upon serving each course you will be given a mouth watering description explaining the providence and flavours of the ingredients used.

Join the Chef

Why not be a Sous Chef for the day? You have the opportunity to create your bespoke Chef's Table experience together with your Personal Chef. This is your chance to learn from an industry professional in the privacy of your own home. You can tap into their knowledge and experience and help create a delicious meal for your friends, family or clients. The menu can be as complicated or as simple as you like, Scott Anderson have been training industry professionals for over 10 years and no matter what your level of knowledge or skills they can help you deliver an exquisite meal and a memorable dining experience.

Make your friends envious of your new found abilities in the kitchen! “This is your Private Chef, your Chef's Table, make it happen.”

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